Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Workout Plan: 5/28-6/3

My dad (a retired teacher and former football coach) loves to say "Failing to plan is planning to fail".  I use to roll my eyes when he would recite this phrase to me. But now, as I juggle the demands of a family, a career, and healthy living - I see just how wise my dad is.  So I am sitting down with my planner and outlining my workouts for the week. Here's what is on my schedule:

Monday: Weights with the Hubby - Legs/Back/Glutes/Shoulders
Tuesday: HIIT workout - Sprints on the treadmill or oustide if the rain is gone
Wednesday: Weights with the Hubby - Chest/Arms/Calves/Abs
Thursday:  5K run/walk with my running group
Friday:  Rest Day
Saturday:  5K Race with my running group.
Sunday: Long walk and weights with the hubby

What workouts are you planning this week? Anybody else particpating in a race or other event this weekend?

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