Thursday, May 31, 2012

SweatStreak Day 2: The Workout that Wasn't

Yesterday was supposed to be my second day of my #SweatStreak. After a  HIIT workout on Day 1, I planned on a long walk at lunch and an evening lifting session with my husband.  But neither of those things happened. What did happen?  Unexpected but necessary meetings at work disrupted my planned walk. Then issues with my husband's job had him stressed out and he needed to talk things thru rather than pump iron.  In short life happened. 

In the past, I would have beat myself up about missing my workouts. But today, I can see that what I did in place of those works was more important in those moments. So I am refocusing and restarting my #SweatStreak.  Once I press publish on this blog post and tweet about it, I am heading to the track to meet my running group. We have our final run before the Saturday 5K we are competing in.  Then when I come home, my husband and I are going to try out this Heart Pumpin Workout

Are you working on the RW RunStreak? What about a #SweatStreak?  How do you handle missing workouts?

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