Friday, June 1, 2012

SweatStreak Day 3: Outrunning the Rain

Thursday was to be the final training run before I race in the local 5K on Saturday. Our running group was planning on the entire course.  But when we arrived at our starting point, we saw this

While those clouds were only slightly dark, we are knew how quickly they could turn  into something more sinister. The thought of being mid-course when a thunderstorm struck did not appeal to any of us. We discussed our option and settled on running intervals at the track. This solution allowed us to get our legs loose before the race but kept us close to our cars if the weather turned nasty.  We ran intervals of 400m followed by a walk/jog of 200m.  Using this method, we knocked out our 3.1 miles in just over 37 minutes.  We stretched and walked back to our vehicles just as the rain drops started falling.

Following my run, I had planned on doing the Heart Pumpin Workout created by Annettee. But my legs protested, so I opted for foam rolling.

What did you do yesterday to get your heart pumping? Anybody ever got caught running during a thunderstorm?

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