Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekly Workouts: 7/1 thru 7/8


For the past 5 weeks, I have followed the plan that the lovely Annette created for me.  The plan has given me some great results – both in inches lost and strength gained.  But I am feeling it is time for a change. My hubby asked if my next training plan would be something we could do together – and that would work at home or at the gym.  After reading Sarah's review of Jamie' Eason’s LiveFit Trainer, I decided that we would give it a spin.  While Jamie advises against any cardio in Phase 1, hubby and I agreed that we still want a bit of cardio in our lives. We are going to aim for 2 HIIT routines and 1 steady state workout a week.  Taking all of that into account, here are my workouts for the upcoming week:

Sunday: Chest and Triceps

Monday: 20 minute HIIT routine

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Back and Biceps

Thursday: Steady State Cardio

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Shoulders  and 25 minute HIIT routine.


Things to talk about: What workouts do you have planned for the upcoming week? Have you ever tried the LiveFit Trainer?  Any HIIT workouts you think we should try?

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