Friday, June 29, 2012

Planning for Success

Earlier this week, my company implemented a new computer system. I knew that the implementation would mean longer hours at work, additional stress, and lots of sweets around the office.  True to form, I came in Monday to find this:

There was a a huge carboard box full of candy sitting on the counter in our breakroom. It was soon followed by a homemade cake, chewy bars, and other assorted sweets.

With a looming deadline, a high load of stress, and tempations abounding - I knew that sticking to my healthy routine would be tricky this week. But I also knew that with a little bit of planning, I could make healthy choices.

How did I do it?

1.  I stocked my desk drawer and the break room fridge with healthy options for me to eat.

All week long, I have munched on HUGE salads full of my favorite veggies and topped with lean protein. I have snacekd on greek yogurt, and organic snack bars. And of course, I made sure to stay well hydrated with lots of water.

2. I squeezed in fitness wherever I could.  Some days that has meant taking a quick walk around my office's campus,  taking the stairs to meetings, or doing squats, lunged and tricep dips will on a webinar/conference call.  While these activities don't pack the same calorie torching punch, that my HIIT workouts and runs do, they do add up.

3. I committed to 2 true workouts and adjusted my work schedule around those times.  Tuesday and Thursday, I committed to running 3 miles with my running group.  But I knew that making the 6:00 o'clock start time would be difficult with everything happening at work.  On Tuesday morning, I asked my hubby to handle getting our daughter to school so that I could go into work an hour earlier, which allowed me to leave on time for my running date.  On Thursday, I arranged for a babysitter to pick up my daughter from school so that I could work right up until time to run.  I changed at my office and drove straight to the track to meet my running group.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey. There are times when it's easy, and there are weeks where it will feel as though the world is conspiring against you. There are two key things to remember when those weeks happen. First, remember you are on a journey - not just trying to reach a destination - do what you, when you can - and do more when you can do more.  Second, plan ahead when you can. This may mean prepping meals on Sunday, arranging for a babysitter so you can squeeze in a workout, or working out on your lunch break.  Whatever the case may be, you CAN be successful!


  1. Sounds like you are planning to be as healthy as possible without stressing about it :) I think the stocking up on healthy snacks is a great idea!

    1. If I have learned anything it is that being healthy shouldn't be stressful. I need to develop a lifestyle that I can live with long term...that is the only true way to see results!