Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Bugg in My House

Yesterday afternoon I discovered a bugg in my house. It's appearance left me squealing with delight rather than disgust or fear. Think I'm crazy?  Not to worry, I am not inviting all things creepy and crawly over to my place. This is the bugg I'm talking about...

My wonderful husband gifted me with the newest version of The BodyBugg as an early birthday present.  As soon as it was out of the box, I put it on and wore it to my aerobics class.

I am still learning how to use The BodyBugg. But I am already in love with the fact that the digital armband allows me to see daily totals of calories burned, steps taken, and minutes of moderate activity. Additionally, The BodyBugg has a trip setting which allows me to capture the time/steps/calories for a particular time segment. I have already utilized this feature for seeing the calorie burn in my aerobics class and  a HIIT treadmill session.  Much to my surprise, I've been underestimating the number of calories I am burning - which may explain why I am always STARVING!

The BodyBugg also comes with online software that allows me to track my calories consumed versus my calories burned. I can set a daily calorie deficit goal that meets my set of personal goals. I plan on using this function for the next couple of weeks to see if an increase in eating helps with my constant HUNGER and jump starts my weight loss.

Do any of you have a BodyBugg? Any tips/tricks for a new user?

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