Saturday, June 23, 2012

Running Solo

Last night, my hubby and I took our 2 year old daughter, Joycie, to see Madagascar 3. The movie was great but by the time we got home and settled for the night, the clock was reading near midnight. Such a late bedtime was going to make getting up at 6:30 very difficult. But I had committed to a 3 mile run with my running group at 7:30 – and I did not plan on missing it.


As the self portarait above shows, I was quite sleepy prior to my run. But a bad run is better than no run at all, so I got in my car and drove to the track to meet up with the group.  On my way into town, a received texts from 2 separate group members telling me that they would not be making the run. After meeting up with the rest of the group, it was decided the run was not going to happen. The group dispersed and I had a choice – go home or run solo.

I opted to head to my gym and get a run in on the treadmill. I knew I’d feel better after the run. Plus I wanted to try out my new sneakers.


I bought these Nike’s last year when I found them on deep discount at the Nike Outlet. I figured that when my then current running shoes were shot – I’d give these a try. Today was there first outing.  And they felt fab!  The shoes had just the right amount of cushion and support but were still lightweight. I am going to give them a few more test runs before I declare them keepers. But so far they have earned gold stars.

My treadmill run left me a sweaty mess. I was sleepy so I alternated 5 minutes of running with 2 minutes of walking.  Here’s the treadmill when I was done:


A 5K in just over 38 minutes! After my run, I found I was no longer tired and am looking forward to a fun filled day with family and friends. My little cousin has her 5th birthday party this afternoon. I hear there is going to be a giant water slide involved – I can’t wait!

Things to talk about:  Have you ever had a workout buddy cancel on you? Did you skip the workout or go solo?


  1. It's definitely hard to pull through a workout after a buddy cancels, but it's always better in the end! Whenever I decide to call it quits after they do, I'm always disappionted [at myself] after!

  2. Linz - The first quarter mile of my run was horrible. I hated running alone and really wanted to get off the treadmill. But the feeling of accomplishment once I was done was great. If I had skipped out on my run, then I would have been disappointed afterwards.