Saturday, June 2, 2012

SweatStreak Day 4: A New 5K PR

Day 4 of my #SweatStreak started at 5:00 a.m. with the blaring of my alarm clock. After hitting the snooze button a few times, I hopped out of bed and began to get dressed. My stomach was a ball of nervous energy as I thought about the 5K race that I would be running in a few hours.

After dressing, doubling and then tripling check that I had all my gear, I kissed my hubby and daughter goodbye and headed to town.  I met my running group at the track where we walked nearly 2 miles at a moderate pace to loosen up our legs. Then we stretched and made our way to the starting line.

The starting gun sounded shortly after 8:00 a.m.  The sun was high but there was a nice breeze blowing. I found a pace that comfortable and zoned out to my music. When we reached the 1 mile marker, I looked at my watch, I had ran the first mile in 9:00 minutes. I realized that I had started out to fast, and try to back off. But the damage was done.  My lungs were burning and my legs felt like lead.

I walked for a tenth of mile to settle down. Then I started alternating intervals of running and walking - but it was a struggle.  Finally, Travis the only male member of our running group caught up with me. His face was the encouragement I needed to keep pushing.  He and I tackled the hill at 1.5 miles into the course. At the 2 mile mark, our time was 20 minutes.  I thought to myself "I could finish this in 30 minutes".  Wrong!

Shortly after we started the last mile, my stomach began to rumble....a sign that my pre-race breakfast was not sitting well at all.  I told Travis to run ahead and started walking.  I attempted to run/walk but my stomach was really angry.  I felt tears building behind my eyes as I thought any chance of being my previous 5K time of 33:45 was toast.  As I started the last quarter mile, I saw that our local police office had a line of traffic stopped.  Who should be at the head of that line but my Mama.  She was waving and blowing me kisses.

Seeing her motivated me to start running again.  I dug deep and ran with everything I had, telling myself that the worst then that could happen was I'd get sick.  And that would be a small price to pay for a new PR.  I turned the corner for the finish line and saw the clock was at 32:55.  I went from running to a full on sprint and crossed the finish line at 33:00 even.  A new PR!!!

My husband and daughter found me a moment after I crossed the finish line.  Joycie (my daughter) was clapping her hands and saying "Hoorah Mama. You did it!"  That was better than any trophy or any PR.

Anyone else run a race today?  Have you ever had your pre-race meal cause you problems during a race?

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