Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kooking with Kim: Protein Pancakes

For those closest to me, it is know secret that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE food. My favorite part of any vacation is trying new restaurants, and at holidays or family events I have specific requests for the items that should be prepared – so that I can gobble them up.  But as much as I love food, I despise cooking.  My dislike for cooking from the fact that I don’t feel very good at it.  When I am cooking, it feels awkward, forced, I am worried that I am going to mess it up – if it isn’t perfect then it will be failure (Hello Type A personality).

However, last night, as I watched my husband effortlessly (or at least it looked that way) make delish chicken I had an ephinany.  When I first started running, I did not like it – it too felt awkward, forced, and was not very good at it.  But over time, I got better, it became easier and now I love running. The key to my falling in love with running was practice. I wondered if the same principle could be applied to cooking.  And thus Kooking with Kim was born.

Each week, I will choose a recipe to prepare. Then I will document the process here on the blog. I will share my triumphs and failures.  And hopefully in the process, I will fall in love with cooking.  This week’s recipe was inspired by Tina at CarrotsnCake's OMG Pancakes.


1 ripe banana

1 tablespoon of almond butter

1 egg

.5 teaspoon of vanilla



Place all of your ingredients into a blender. I used my generic version of a Magic Bullet. Blend away.


After blending, pour the batter into a pan lightly coated with cooking spray. The pan should be on medium low heat.


When bubbles appear thru the batter, you know it’s time to flip. 


Stack up your cooked pancakes and top with any toppings your heart desires.


I had enough batter to make 3 pancakes. The third pancake had a mishap while flipping and was slightly misshaped but still tasted delish. I think these would easier to prepare if you used a griddle or griddle pan. I topped my pancakes with homemade strawberry preserves.  The pancakes were sweet, moist, and really filled me up compared to traditional pancakes.


Things to talk about:  Are you in love with cooking?  Do you despise cooking?  Do you have a recipe you would like me to try as part of Kooking with Kim?

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