Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIAW #2: Mini-Meals

Another Wednesday means another edition of What I ate Wednesday.  As the temperatures rise, I find myself with a smaller appetite. Rather than eating large meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I crave "mini-meals" thru out the day.

Summertime breakfast for me is either a smoothie or a yogurt bowl. This week I opted for black cherry Greek yogurt topped with Granola Crisps from Yogi Foods.  All mixed up and served in an over sized coffee mug.

Lunch was a repeat of last week's eats - salad and quesadillia.  I would love to show you a picture of my dinner  - but sadly my camera ate the picture. :-(  It was a delish maple almond butter and banana grilled sandwich with a side of fresh blueberries. 

This month's WIAW theme is sensible snacking. These days I am snacking on these babies

They satisfy my craving for something sweet while giving me a good mix of protein and healthy fats.

What have you been eating this week?  Link up at Peas and Crayons to share.

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