Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fast & Fit: A 30 Minute Circuit Workout

A little over a year ago, I along with a few other woman from my church decided that we would start doing aerobics together. Our initial plans was to meet in our church social hall and work out to different exercises DVD’s.  However, that did not last very long as each of us had specific DVD’s we like and did not enjoy the others.  And the first rule of exercise, is to do something that you love.  The group knew that I had taken numerous aerobics classes in college, and had even started my Group Exercise Certification (I never finished but it is on my fitness bucket list), so they asked me if I would be willing to try and teach a true aerobics class.  I was a bit unsure but said yes and have now been “teaching” for more than 365 days.  Over time, I have come to learn that my ladies like workouts that are quick but efficient. This work out – nicknamed the “Dirty Thirty” by the group is an all time favorite:

Dirty Thirty Workout Image

Things to talk about:  Do you use exercise DVD’s as part of your fitness routine?  What are you favorites?  Do you have a quick workout that you absolutely adore?

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